Thursday, December 18, 2014

Did Keith Olbermann's Rants on Soccer Make Sense?

We are more than six months removed from ESPN 2's Keith Olbermann using his sports talk show platform to expound on the problems with soccer becoming a more popular spectator sport in the U.S. 

Quite Possibly, the week of shows he used to give his opinions on why soccer is the way it is with U.S. sports fans, was the most attention ever given to the subject on mainstream Tv.

During this period of time, he appeared on Letterman and shared his views on the matter for an entire segment.

Olbermann, a former MSNBC host of his own program and former ESPN SportsCenter host, is a very popular pundit on cable television.  His rants on soccer during the World Cup brought a huge response from soccer goers and he certainly brought more attention to the sport's conundrums in the U.S.

He doled out seven suggestions on how soccer can work in America, he spoke about the relevance of tie games, he responded to criticism by reviewing tweets sent to him and he presented Tony Bruno to provide a different perspective.

Through it all, Olbermann made sense at times, especially in his seven suggestions video, and was completely unhinged and foolish at other times.

Most of what Olbermann spoke about in his seven suggestions, I have already written about a few years ago.

I have listed some articles for review here below.  Others can be searched for in above categories.

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