Thursday, May 28, 2015

Time for Reboot on 'Field Of Dreams' with Soccer as the Premise

Would we have to call it 'Pitch Of Dreams'?

There are already corn plantations in the United States with soccer fields designed within them.  A few years ago, a man in Ohio started the trend.

Soccer is still lacking pop culture phenomena status in the U.S.  A remake on the 'Fields Of Dreams' would help cement a greater status if the movie ended up being a good one.

The remake would need a healthy story line.  The plot is what kept baseball's 'Field Of Dreams' alive in America's consciousness.  The plot and it had a bona-fide star in Kevin Costner to drive the marketing of the movie.

This year makes it more than 25 years since the movie's release.  This means it's a classic, right?  At least, that's how we know the classification of certain automobiles-25 years makes a classic.  And, to be a classic for a movie means it's ready for a remake.

There really haven't been many American made great soccer movies.  Most of the good ones have come from outside the U.S.

My two favorite soccer movies both came 10 years ago in 2005; 'Goal! The Dream Begins' and 'Green Street Hooligans.'

"If you build it, he will come" is the most famous quote the original 'Field Of Dreams' offered.  It was a saying that would resonate for years and always be associated with the movie.  Eventually, the quote has become known more with a "they" instead of "he".  Regardless, the quote made its point.

Who would the quote mean for soccer?  This is an obvious part of the plot that would need to be resolved.

The glorious 1950 U.S. World Cup soccer team could be intertwined into the remake with Joe Gaetjens playing an important role, somewhat like the one of Shoeless Joe Jackson in the original. Gaetjens, the Haitian native, who scored the winning goal versus England in the 1950 WC game, had his life cut short in Haiti by a cold-blooded dictatorship at the young age of 40.

(The movie, 'The Game of their Lives', also from 2005, was an homage to the 1950 squad and got pretty good reviews.)

In the end, the Field Of Dreams built by Costner becomes a community baseball property to rally around and the real one ended up doing the same in Iowa.

Soccer's turn for its Field Of Dreams is due.  One filmmaker may take notice and give the story his/her own twist.

Originally published January 2015

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