Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Purists, Traditionalists Align with FIFA

FIFA's biggest supporters are the purist and traditionalist fans who are satisfied with soccer's status quo.  They see anyone that challenges the 'Laws of the Game' as absurd and uneducated.

Unfortunately, FIFA garners very little respect from the American and European mainstream media.

Generally speaking, the press doesn't have confidence in FIFA and portrays it as a good old boy warped entity. There just aren't enough checks and balances inside the organization to ensure that those who are making key decisions are doing so in the best interests of soccer.

The political corruption that FIFA has perpetrated for years has earned them a scandalous reputation. The entire process to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cups was disgraceful.  The funniest comment I've heard regarding FIFA came from Keith Olbermann, who said that FIFA makes "the IOC look like Doctors Without Borders."

Being so closely tied to FIFA, are the purists and traditionalists feeling uneasy?

There is an obvious lack of morals and integrity within FIFA.  These factors effect FIFA's ability to manage the sport. How can U.S. sports fans trust that soccer is being managed properly for the future?

In the past year, issues concerning the rules of the game have been written about and analyzed more than ever before.  There are a constant flow of articles on how there should be changes to refereeing, substitutions and the use of technology.

Major League Baseball is in a similar boat with its purists and traditionalists.  Rules changes are bantered about and some progress is made, but nothing substantial.  The speed of play has been MLB's biggest issue.

Regardless of your perspective on how much you agree with all the 'Laws of the Game', there is no disputing that present-day FIFA can't be trusted to provide the guidance necessary to effectively modernize soccer.

As FIFA's reputation continues to trend downward so does the reputation of purists and traditionalists.  With a know-it-all attitude, they continue to impose doubt and conflict onto the general sports fans of the U.S. who want to root for soccer.

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