Saturday, February 28, 2015

New FIFA Advisory Panels Bring American Attitude

Decisions from the two new advisory panels set up to provide input to IFAB, the arm of FIFA that watches over the laws of the game, will be finalized in this week's 129th Annual General Meeting in Ireland.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) will decide on whether to implement proposals submitted late last year for rules changes and how those implementations should occur.

The proposals include; the use of technology, sin-bins, a fourth substitute and the repercussions for an obvious defensive foul by a player in the penalty box (called triple punishment).

These new advisory panels are set up to help combat FIFA's non-progressive and old-boy networking reputation.

Whether we like it or not, FIFA is a pervasive component in American sports culture and all sports cultures around the world. Arguably, it is the most influential organization in the world, wielding economic and political power in more than 200 countries.

As soccer has grown steadily in the U.S. over the last several years, FIFA has become a more intrusive aspect in the lives of American sports fans and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. FIFA has been in the news constantly for its lack of transparency and blatant ethics transgressions.

America can't get away from FIFA.  It is culturally and emotionally tied to it.

Thankfully, though, a shift has begun.

The ideas behind the advisory panels are American ones.  Their called oversight and innovation.

I'm not saying we're the only country in the world doing oversight and innovation or knows how to do them.  But, I am saying we are doing them on the grandest of scales and for the most part, we have done them well for a very long time.

As FIFA becomes a more encompassing aspect in American sporting life, its nice to finally see some American ways of doing things from them.  The panels are prototypes of how American companies work.

The panels are meeting twice yearly.  How they perform and what they accomplish could be distinguishable in a short time.

It is a fresh beginning for one part of FIFA.


  1. The world's game has been doing just fine without American input to this point. What makes you think we should stroll in and ruin it with our Americanized sports notions?

  2. I can't trust FIFA.
    I think the game can be better. I'm looking for subtle changes, not grand ones.