Saturday, March 28, 2015

March Madness Features Soccer at 'Ojos Locos'

Can't miss the soccer theme.
A newer sports bar/breastaurant franchise keeps opening eyes in San Antonio.  Business is brisk at Ojos Locos every day with an environment that includes dozens of televisions to watch sports. It is shaped from a similar mold as Hooters, but with its own distinctive branding.

Men, women and families gather to enjoy wings, tacos, beer and conversation.

There are plenty of tasty food and beverages to choose from on the menu, but the main item featured daily is the customer service.  The wait staff of beautiful girls gets eye-popping attention from the customers.

Las Chicas.

"We are cornering the Latin market with a Latin man cave and trying to speak to that demographic," explained general manager of four years, Fabian Viera.

I asked Fabian why the name 'Ojos Locos' was chosen.

The doors are always open.

"We call them chicas," Viera said, referring to his wait staff. "We want to have their (the customers) eyes go crazy over the girls."

Friendly Bartenders
The soccer tap.

Viera also explained that there was a focus when it comes to showing sports at the restaurant.

"The main sport is soccer," he said.  "We purchase all the Mexican soccer packages.  We have designated satellites for soccer."

Service is always with a smile.
After the NASL San Antonio Scorpions won the Soccer Bowl last November, players and staff came out with the trophy to Ojos Locos.  Viera said this was a proud moment for the San Antonio soccer community and the radio station 99.5 KISS was on hand to help celebrate.  Ojos Locos partners with the Scorpions throughout the year on different occasions.
'I don't always go out, but when I do, I go to Ojos Locos.'
Front Entrance.
Street signage.

There are a total of eight Ojos Locos restaurant franchises opened at this time.  More are scheduled to open in coming years.  There are two locations in Houston, one in Ft. Worth, one in Dallas, one in El Paso, one in Austin, one in Albuquerque, N.M. and one in San Antonio, Tx.

Translation: Awesome!
"I think we're the only sports bar for Latinos and soccer combined," said Viera.


Sidenote:  Pompi's in the Dallas area had been trying to do a similar format of breastaurant, but has since closed down.

Scroll down on the right of homepage to see more photos from the wait staff of Ojos Locos and other restaurants.

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