Saturday, February 20, 2016

MLS Bends Like Beckham for Qatar

It feels like MLS is standing idly by while David Beckham maneuvers and manipulates his Miami franchise with the help of Qatari money.  This is a travesty. There is a moral dilemma related to Qatari investments into MLS that should be corrected.  And, it's an issue being ignored by the media.

Is Beckham too influential in soccer and too intimidating for MLS to stand up against, in order to do what's right?  Is he above reproach?  MLS must want Beckham involved with the league so much that they are willing to sell their souls to the devil.

It's as if no one wants to say anything about what's happened over the last 9 months, since the FIFA downward spiral began, and how much Qatar bribes had to with it all.  It seems Beckham is too influential of a soccer figure for MLS to put any restrictions on his strategies for implementation. A successful Miami team takes precedence against all potential perils.

In 2013, there was an article labeling Beckham as an 'Arabian Figurehead.'  That article had to do with him going to play for the Paris St. Germain club, owned by Qatar investors.  Interestingly, though, the label he earned from a few years ago as a player still seems appropriate today for him as an executive.  He backs the 2022 World Cup staying in Qatar.  It's logical to think his backing is due to his dependency on Qatari investments for his Miami club.

Knowing what we know now about Qatar the country and to what lengths people from Qatar will go with their money to push their agenda, the news is not good. The country and its wealthy have been vetted and the eyes of the U.S. and the world are more alert to their shortcomings.

I think it would be wrong for MLS to accept Beckham's Miami franchise with the help of his buddies from Qatar.  I find it appalling that the same money that can turn the world's game into a joke and support such repressive politics can be so welcoming in the U.S., especially considering that we are the one country that gives rights to all of its people with the moral and legal compass to try and turn things from corrupt to transparent.

MLS should not accept Qatari investments into their clubs for a fair amount of years.  If MLS truly values Beckham and what he brings for how the future of professional soccer can be in the metro area of Miami, than it should give him more time to gather the necessary capital without having to bend for Qatar.

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