Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Which MLS Team would Make the Best Fit for Ronaldhino?

In Pursuit of a Living Legend:

There are few worldwide legends of soccer. They just don't come around often.  It takes a lengthy career and an abundance of beautiful plays and goals.  Ronaldhino qualifies as one, for sure.  In fact, it can be argued that his style of movement with the ball, his fakeouts, his passes and his overall innovative style changed the modern game.

In MLS, most would agree that David Beckham and Landon Donovan are the only past legends of soccer to have played in the league.  I think an argument can be made for Thierry Henry and Didier Drogba (still playing now for the Montreal Impact) to add to the list. Ronaldhino, though, is a no-doubter.

So, when is he going to sign?  Presently, he is without a team.  However, literally, every league in the world would love to show him off.

He last played a few weeks ago in a friendly for Barcelona.  Hold on, not that Barcelona.  In Guayaquil, Ecuador, playing for the local club, he was introduced to a sellout crowd in only a way that a legend like him could be.

Playing in Ecuador's first division isn't for legends, but it has happened before.  Actually, Ecuador is a hotbed in soccer right now.  When you open up qualifying for World Cup with four straight wins in the tough South American conference, the world does take notice.

Are these his plans for this season, to play friendlies.  Let's hope not.

Ronaldhino went under the radar last year, playing for Queretaro in Liga MX.  I'm hoping he doesn't do the same and play in China.  If he did play in MLS, which team would make the best fit for him?

At 35, about to turn 36 in March, he would be right on cue with the other big names from super clubs in Europe to join MLS.  Robbie Keane (35), Frank Lampard (37), Drogba (37), Andrea Pirlo (36), Steven Gerrard (35) are choosing MLS for the late stages of their careers.

But, he may be waiting for Beckham's Miami team to get underway.  Surely, he's friendly with Beckham from their many battles in La Liga.  Ronaldhino played for Barcelona from 2003-2008 and Beckham played for Real Madrid from 2003-2007.  It may be, that he becomes a partner to Beckham and an investor of the Miami team.  If he could replace the Qataris, that would be outstanding.

If he's waiting on Miami, that means he'll come to the league in his later thirties, which is too bad, because MLS needs him now.

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