Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FIFA Corruption Lasted More than 40 Years

Blatter and Havelange, 1982
According to the FIFA admission released yesterday, corruption in regards to the selling off of marketing rights for tournaments, has been going on since the presidency of Joao Havelange. He was the president of FIFA before Sepp Blatter took over in 1998.  With this admission, we can assume the organization has been tainted since 1974, when Havelange became president. This is more than one third of the organization's existence. FIFA was born in 1904.

The organization hasn't been a trusted world entity for more than 40 years. This means that all the actions of the organization should be questioned since Havelange's reign.

Part of the lingering skepticism over how the organization has operated during all these years should also include the administration of the game. It wouldn't be fair for us to only analyze the bribes and to not take into account all the other affairs of the organization that can be doubted, as well.

It is safe to say, that in both presidencies, Havelange and Blatter, there was an overwhelming sense for sticking to the status quo in all aspects of soccer.

How can we really know how the game would have progressed during the last 40 plus years, knowing what we know now with FIFA's admission?

From Blatter's and Havelange's perspective, why would they try to lead any reforms for the game?

It would have been like they were rocking the boat or taking chances for upsetting the money balance. It was easier for them to act like cavemen when it came to administrating the game. The masses seemed appeased. There never was a cause for Blatter or Havelange to worry about how to modernize the game.

As the talent, speed and abilities of players advanced and became more technically precise, Havelange and Blatter could always be counted on to keep things as they were. They didn't need to make changes. They had everyone manipulated to their ways of doing things, the corrupt ways.

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