Thursday, March 17, 2016

Seven Soccer Stars Who Play Like Steph Curry

The biggest compliment the soccer community can give to the best basketball player in the world is a soccer tribute:

Steph Curry has earned one.

In soccer, it's hard to put together a streak of long-distance goals. Creativity and ingenuity on the field is not all that common, either.  Steph Curry type of players are not abundant in any sport, His type comes along once in a generation.

Steph Curry's prodigious long-distance shots and all-around talent on the hardwood got me thinking about which current soccer players are similar to him on the field.  I came up with a list of seven that approach what he does. Most of them are the 'obvious' ones.  In fact, some of them are heavily influencing this year's UEFA Champions League.

All of them are infamous for their playmaking abililities, just like 'Amazing Steph.'

Lionel Messi-It seems he scores on free-kicks more frequently than any other player. This skill aligns well with how Steph scores more 3-pointers than all others.

Ronaldo-His agile, strong and powerful style and his use of his left foot has put him in a different category for many years. It kind of reminds us of how Steph is in his own category with what he does to warm up before games and how he uses his off-hand while floating his way to the basket.

Neymar-He says he got a haircut to match Steph. His quick, steady play allows for plenty of goals and assists. Steph has the same kind of package deliveries in his game.

Ronaldhino-The premier stop and go player.  One never knows which foot is touching the ball next. Does it remind us of somebody who plays a pretty good point in basketball?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic-His long-distance goals are like no other, reminding us how there are no other NBA players hitting shots with such depth, like Steph.

Didier Drogba-His heady play tracking balls and ability to use his backfoot heel is like when Steph is dribbling behind his back getting ready for a deadly crossover.

Giovanni Dos Santos-The one guy who people may think doesn't belong on this list. There was a time when Steph wasn't on anybody's list, either.  Some plays are unforgettable.  Dos Santos has many great plays and one unforgettable one, perhaps the best goal ever.  Steph had an unforgettable goal a couple weeks back versus OKC to win the game in overtime.

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