Thursday, April 14, 2016

MLS Missed Thursday, Non-NBA Schedule Opportunity

Thursday's biggest sports headlines belonged to the NFL. A huge draft board trade involving the number one pick and the newest en vogue NFL team, the L.A. Rams, combined with the upcoming season schedule release for all teams made for compelling sports news.

It could have blown away all the competition, if not for some juicy basketball headlines. The only league able to compete with the NFL was the NBA, which was able to stay close with the Kobe retirement game of 60 points, the Golden State Warriors record-breaking 73 wins talk and discussion of the playoffs matchups.

Both these leagues had no games scheduled. Another league with no games scheduled was MLS. And, yet, here I was without my basketball fix and ready to find an MLS game to watch. Instead, I had to settle for the Democratic debate.  Ughh!

Also, going on in the sports world, baseball was in full swing, so, at least there were some MLB highlights. And, for hockey fans, the playoffs were an easy pick on NBCSportsNetwork.

When will MLS learn how to promote its game in the most opportunistic ways? It's all about scheduling. The sport can't keep having season after season without making its mark on the sports calendar of the casual sports fans.

There should have been games scheduled on ESPN for Thursday night, the day after the NBA regular season ended.  It should be that way for MLS every year to fill the gap before the NBA playoffs come around and drown out MLS once again.  Maybe the public could get used to MLS and start following the league, who knows.

There is a lack of strategy and urgency for MLS. And, it mostly has to do with finding its way into the minds of casual sports fans. The league seems to think that fans will find them and access them, rather than placing themselves easily into the sports calendar. This is called 'marketing placement' strategy that can give casual sports fans a path to witness MLS without having to go weeks or months before seeing MLS again.

As the MLS season disappears into the U.S. sports spectator background, as it does every year, the NBA prospers with a new dynasty on the brink and the newest superstar in the American landscape, with Steph Curry and the Warriors.

MLS has trouble making waves in the daily sports news and it doesn't help when there are no games scheduled on days there should be.

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