Friday, May 20, 2016

As NBA Discusses 4-Point Goals, Soccer Doesn't Even Consider 2-Point Goals

Two of the greatest long-distance shooters in NBA history were today for a New Yorker piece today on whether there should be a four-point goal in basketball. Larry Bird and Reggie Miller provided fodder for how the game may or may not play out in the future.

Larry seems open to the idea, while Reggie does not.

As for soccer, the only time I've ever heard any considerations for a two-point goal is on this website, in an article written by me and referenced by me more than a few times since.

I'd be thrilled to hear from two icon long-distance goal-scorers of soccer on how they would feel about a two-point shot. Two who come to mind are David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I'd say Ibrahimovic has had some of the all-time longest and most powerful shots to break the plane and Beckham has had more banana corner kicks than most to make it through. What would they and some others say?

The four point goal talk has taken off only because of the great Stephen Curry. He has transformed the game of basketball and superstardom. He is a beloved figure in sports because he is not the biggest athlete in the world, but puts up some of the most amazing shots that somehow make all net. My favorite is when he shoots and stops looking so that he can start walking back or stare at an opposing player-dude doesn't even have to follow his shot. He's feeling it.

Soccer needs a two-point goal, in my opinion. But, there has to be some agreement on what happens with ricochets. I think if there is a line and the player is behind the line when he starts his kick, it shouldn't matter if there is a deflection off an opposing player on the way in to the goal. However, if it goes off a teammate and makes it through the goal, it should only count for one point, unless the teammate was behind the line as well.

Right now, a four point goal feels a little like fantasy. It may happen soon or already has on video games. Who knows what happens after a four point goal in basketball is implemented. Will they start placing markers on the court for five and six-pointers, too? Larry said that basketball has evolved. He gave the shot clock, three-pointer and widening the lane as examples.

When fun things happen, like Steph Curry, at least there are conversations for change in the NBA.

Soccer can't even seem to get a conversation started. There is no evolving. Of course, this has to do with FIFA controlling how leagues operate. The bottom line is, especially after all of the indictments and improprieties, that FIFA should help the game to open up more and take the leash off of individual leagues. Let leagues, like MLS, decide for themselves about stuff like two-point goals. This way, conversations can take place on progressive ideas without judgment.

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  1. I've never even agreed with the 3-point line in Basketball. Its inclusion goes against the fabric of sports. In any sport, the very object of the game is to work as a team to get the ball closer and closer to a goal, making it easier to score. The inclusion of a 3-point line (or a 2-point line, as suggested here), rewards teams for completely ignoring the team aspect, and throwing up a harder to make shot. Your objective should always be to make your shots easier and easier, not to go BACKWARDS and try to get more points through a harder shot. This would be the equivalent of an American Football Quarterback having an open path to the end zone, but since it doesn't score as many points, he runs backwards 20 yards and then throws up a hail mary. You're essentially saying that anyone that wants to work as a team and move the ball forward as far as possible to increase their chances of scoring should be punished with less points; whereas anyone that wants to ignore playing as a team and just throw something up from a distance should be rewarded with more points. It just doesn't sit well with me. I would prefer it not be in basketball, but it's such a part of the game now that it's impossible to remove. However, please don't add it to other sports. It's a stupid concept, in my opinion.