Sunday, October 2, 2016

Video Series Spotlights Soccer 'Movement' in U.S. and Canada

Part obsession and part contagion, soccer is definitely making its case for mainstream in certain sections of the United States and Canada. A unique blend of fandom has been consummated with a hysteria of grass-roots marketing.

These cultural counterweights on the American sporting landscape are finally getting some respect from a specialized documentary series from, called 'The Movement.'

There is no doubt that soccer has a touched a nerve with sports fans in the U.S. and Canada over the last several years. The momentum has been building for some time with a freshness and contemporary vigor that fans from other sports can't completely understand.

It could be that the Seattle Sounders are the official turning point for soccer's fashionable turnaround over the years in the U.S. and Canada. Shortly after Seattle's entry into MLS, Portland and Vancouver came about to give Seattle a run for best soccer city.

KickTv used to have the role for getting to know the soccer outsiders. One video took a look at a day in the life of the Portland Timbers Army, arguably the most unique, passionate support group of MLS.

Now, with 'The Movement', there is a video series that takes things to the next level. We can all experience what is happening throughout the soccer pockets of America and Canada. It is madness for the world's sport in a stadium near you, including Magic Johnson as a hype man. My favorite episode so far is the one that shows the effects Didier Drogba has had on Montreal (above). Each one is worth checking out on the homepage.

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