Thursday, June 15, 2017

MLS Team Becomes First to Sign ESports Player in U.S.

It was bound to happen. Major sports teams in the U.S. are finding ways to incorporate Esports into their plans for the future. One team is already budgeting for it, NYCFC of MLS.

We knew Esports were a serious spectator entertainment option, as news trickles in week to week about different tournaments being promoted around the world, celebrity partnerships and million dollar leagues. I'm not sure whether or not we should call it a sport, because being athletic is not required, but as entertainment, it can't be denied. By the way, athletes don't always win at sports. Go back and look at John Daly's highlights for golf. I guess Esports ends up in the debate with bowling, golf, darts, billiards and others, on whether they are sports, or not.

In whatever form you decide to think about Esports, one thing seems certain, they are here to stay. The younger generations are the deciders now, and Esports is one of the best ways to connect with them. Any sport making a push to be more popular wants to have those Esporters and Eathletes along for the ride. I have profiled EA FIFA a couple of times on this site. It has been a transcendent product, intertwining all classes of people to the game of soccer, including those from the inner-city. And, it has become a form of competition as a spectator sport to real-life soccer. 

NYCFC is only doing its due diligence. It's simply ahead of the curve, compared to all other major sports teams in the U.S. The next step for this player, Christopher Holly, is to see how he does in bringing more attention to his club. What kind of investment will he be, did them sign him for cheap? Time will tell. For now, NYCFC, along with Holly, are the trailblazers.

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