Monday, January 22, 2018

The Politics of Americanizing Soccer: My 10 Years Blogging for Change to the World's Game

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1 Mainstreaming for Attention
Flipping Channels: Sports Talk Radio's Impact on MLS Can't Be Overlooked
2 Why Do We Watch Sports?
80's Movie Describes Soccer's Awe
3 A Rules and History Perspective
A History of Rules Changes in American Pro Soccer
4 Proposal to the NFL
NFL Considered Proposal for Competing Pro Soccer League
5 Why and What is Americanizing Soccer?
MLS Average Score Offensive in the Wrong Way- Parts 1, 2 and 3
6 Developing a Niche
What If NFL Scores Counted Like Soccer Scores?
Four American Athletes that Resemble Mario Balotelli
Seven Soccer Stars Who Play Like Steph Curry
What is Soccer's Equivalent to Baseball's Hitting Streak?
7 Pop Culture Wins and Losses
Occupy!': The Casual Dining/Sports Bar Impact on MLS
No Overtime Means No Chicken Wings
EA FIFA Video Game Attracts Inner-City Youth; Accelerates Soccer's March Towards Mainstream
FIFA 17 Video Game Challenges Human Soccer for Audience Share
The TMZ Effect on MLS
8 Beckham's Influence
Beckham Chases Redemption, Championship
Beckham/Donovan: Greatest Tandem of All Time?- Parts 1, 2
Mission Accomplished: Beckham is Pele's Equal
9 Foreign Intrusions
MLS Nicknames Confuse Joe Sixpack Sports Fan
The Soccer Scarf:  A Transplanted Accessory that Doesn't Make Sense
The Overselling of British Accents to American Audiences
The Royal Wedding's Influence on Soccer
10 Snafus and Marketing Challenges
MLS Schedule Abandons Memorial Day
Should MLS Have Played MLS Cup on Veteran's Day?
MLS Misses Key Elements on Tv Deals
Soccer Needs Its Own McFarland, USA
Time for Reboot on 'Field Of Dreams' with Soccer as the Premise
11 Laying More Groundwork
Little League WC Coming Soon to America?
Obama, MLS Need Each Other-Parts 1, 2
NFL Films sets the Standard; MLS Films Soon to Follow?
Agassi, Deion, Rodman Put Pressure on Soccer's Hall of Fame
12 Image Isn't an Issue
Soccer as a Savior for American Sports Fans
Taking Advantage of MLB Dropping the Ball
Baseball's Steroids Era and Its Effects on Soccer
Is Teaching Proper Tackling the Best Method for Making American Football Safer?
13 A Natural Fit
MLS Anti-Discrimination Campaign Way Ahead of Other Leagues
Can Openly Gay Player Spark Interest in MLS?
Soccer Benefits from 'Short Attention Span' Caused By the Internet
14 Fierce Competition Within
Is Living Room Tv Big Enough for Soccer?
Will EPL Work Well as Partner to NFL, Super Bowl?
EPL's Weekend Morning Niche is the Perfect Storm
ESPN SportsCenter Heavily Promotes LIGA MX Rivalry Match
China Poised to Beat MLS on Global Reputation
Is Portsmouth Better than Chicago Fire?
15 Social & Economical Factors Favor MLS
Will Muslim Strife Cause Defections to MLS?
Latest ISIS Attacks Hit #1 Ranked Soccer Country in the World
Will England Riots Put EPL At Risk?
Will Gang Violence Become a Bigger Disruption to Mexico's First Division?
MLS Good Enough to Be More Popular than EPL in the U.S.
16 Pundits Not Interested
Soccer and the Jim Rome Factor
Why Isn't Collin Cowherd Talking Seattle Sounders?
Frank Deford Didn't Respect Soccer
17 Lost in the Shuffle
ESPN's 'Ultimate' Insult to MLS
Steph Curry, Warriors Drown Out MLS Opening Day
Tackle Football Tempers Momentum of MLS
Super Bowl Sends Powerful Message to MLS
No Respect for MLS among Top Sports Websites
18 The Future of Tackleball and Baseball
A Competition is Brewing: The NFL vs. MLS
NFL Instability Could Boost MLS
NFL Draft Dumbs Down Sports Consumers
19 Feigned Leadership
FIFA Corruption Lasted More Than 40 Years
Purists, Traditionalists Elitists Align with FIFA
2022 FIFA World Cup Should Be Reallocated to the U.S.
U.S. Should Forsake Participation in Qatar World Cup Qualifiers
20 Playing/Re-Playing on Our Terms
Peter Vermes Supports Americanizing Soccer
Lessons from World Cup 2010: Americanizing is Ok
Goal-line Technology Changes Soccer Forever
Should Instant Replay Include Goals Waived Off by Bad Refereeing?
21 Substitutions Needed
Americanizing Soccer for the U.S. Sports Fan, part 6
MLS is Best Hope in Solving Pro Soccer's Concussion Crisis
Should FIFA Change the Rules to Prevent Heart Attacks?
22 Red-Card Revolt
Americanizing Soccer for the Sports Fan, part 3
Red Cards:  The Elephant In the Room
White Cards Are Soccer's Global Pursuit of Perfection
23 Counting Down with Timeouts
Will Water Breaks Make Their Way to MLS Permanently?
Would Buzzer-Beaters Work for MLS?
Should MLS Stop the Clock on 'Out of Bounds' Plays Like the NFL?
24 Friendlies vs. FIFA Club World Cup
Friendlies, Exhibitions Threaten Overexposure:  Broader FIFA Club World Cup Is the Answer
FIFA Club World Cup Should Expand to 32 Teams
Soccer Friendlies in U.S. are a Sign of Disrespect
25 Distinctive Inadequacies
No Team Recaptured a Scoring Lead in Euro Cup, Copa America
MLS Cup 2016 Will Forever Be Remembered as the Championship Won Without a Shot on Goal
Sacramento Republic Hasn't Scored a Goal in Nearly 500 Minutes
26 Flipping Channels (FC)
The NBA Finals and the Gold Cup
The World Series and L.A. Galaxy's Champions League Run
Sunday Night Football on NBC and MLS on ESPN
27 Long Overdue Transparency
Will FIFA Reconstruction Expedite the Americanization of Soccer?
Time for an All-American FIFA
New FIFA Advisory Panels Bring American Attitude
Review: New IFAB Website Provides Overdue Transparency
28 Desperately Seeking Autonomy
As NBA Considers 4-Point Goals; Soccer Doesn't Even Consider 2-Point Goals
MLS Owners Wish They Could Act Like NFL Owners
Are Ties in Playoffs Un-American?
The Americanization of MLS Continues
MLS Doesn't Bend During World Cup Qualifying
29 Logical Rules Changes
Next Most Logical Rules Change for MLS- Parts 1, 2
VAR Obligates IFAB to Change the Offside Rule
Americanizing Soccer for the U.S. Sports Fan, part 5
10 Rules Changes to Enhance MLS
New Field for MLS Proposes Two-point Goal
30 Americanization as a Destiny
NASL 'Shootouts' for World Cup 2026 is a Sign of Changing Times
MLS Will Have to Be the 'Chosen League' to Evolve the World's Sport
Soccer or Football: Heineken Settles the Debate
Bringing a Competing World Cup to the U.S. Every 4 Years

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